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Feb 20, 2016

Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to The Tolkien Road, a long walk through the works and philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien. On this episode, we discuss Chapter 20 of The Silmarillion, "Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad". It’s an action-packed chapter and an important turning point in the fortunes of the Eldar.  By the way, if you haven’t already, please pop on over to iTunes and leave us a rating and feedback. It’s easy to do, only takes a moment, and can make a big difference in helping us spread the word about the show! Thanks for listening, and enjoy the episode

  • Haiku time - 5:00
  • Beren and Lúthien epilogue - 14:00
  • The Union of Maedhros - 19:00
  • Turgon Arrives - 29:00
  • The Fifth Battle: Unnumbered Tears - 32:30
  • The Triumph of Morgoth - 50:00
  • Cirdan and the Seven Ships - 58:30
  • Húrin’s Torment - 1:03:00

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